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Corbin Patrick, Headline, The Indianapolis Star —

"Marcia Cebulska's play is Phoenix's best ever."
"It's the brightest and best of the new works the Phoenix has presented in all it's five seasons...a timely and topical drama about surrogate motherhood that considers it with lively wit, sympathy and understanding....It's a beautifully crafted play, full blown and fleshed out."

Charles Staff, Indianapolis News —

"Rarely has this writer seen a play that takes off so quickly and effeciently...If the first act proves that Ms. Cebulska has a fine, sometimes even-barbed wit, the second shows her ability to take characters, emotions and situations and turn them over and over to see all the sides and express them. She argues well from all three viewpoints...Ms. Cebulska's play is a caring play...And it is well construction...and well written because Ms. Cebulska understands the theater and its needs and how to fill these needs...Ms. Cebulska may well be on her way to becoming a theatrical commodity, a 'name.'"

Paul Sturm, The Ryder —

"Marcia Cebulska is a wonderful playwright. Her plays consistently feature well-defined characters set in emotionally charged situations...her latest one of the strongest new plays I've seen in the last two years...Cebulska fills...bough with rich characters who easily and convincingly come to life. This latest play is the most successful yet in seeing these strong characters move through interactive situations which give them emotional meaning as well as individual definition."

Jill Rosen, Indiana Daily Student —

"Wowed. That's what audience members probably were after seeing Marcia Cebulska's 'And When the Bough Breaks'...a rare degree of tenderness...Cebulska examines human bonds of friendship, blood and love. She does an amazing job of making the play not just realistic, but real...a standout."

Unattributed, Bloomington Herald-Times —

"...powerful and engrossing theater...told with wit, sensitivity and passion."

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